Similar in looks but not in performance

Do you think you could tell the difference between Kawasaki Engines genuine and non-genuine parts?  Whilst they may look the same, non-genuine parts can have a huge negative impact on your engines. 

Similar in looks but not in performance

The risks of using non-genuine parts

Increased risk of downtime

More costly future repairs

May invalidate your engine's warranty


Decreases your engine 's efficiency

Impacts the safety of your equipment

Decreases the life of your engine

Why choose Genuine Parts?

Reduce Downtime For Your Business

Unofficial aftermarket parts may not be made from the same quality of materials that we specify for our engines, therefore more frequent maintenance may be required, increasing the downtime for your machine and your business.

Extend The Life Of Your Engine

Genuine Parts are guaranteed to precision fit your engine which is key to extending the life of your engine and maintain original engine efficiency and performance.

Power = Productivity

You can be confident that Genuine Parts are approved by our engineers to meet Kawasaki's engine design specifications to continue delivering original power and performance levels needed to maintain productivity.

Testing & Reliability

Aftermarket substitutes may look similar, but only Genuine Parts have been tested and approved as part of the original engine design, ensuring that you continue to benefit from Kawasaki’s high standards of performance and reliability.

Continued Improvement

Aftermarket substitutes may look similar but in additional to extensive testing, Kawasaki Genuine Parts are constantly being developed and improved to deliver even more reliability and performance during the life of your engine.


All Kawasaki Genuine Parts are covered by our 6 months parts warranty and will help maintain our class-leading engine warranty for both commercial and private customers.

Kawasaki Genuine Parts are designed to give remarkable results.

With our range of service parts, you’ve got a more reliable and precision-designed way to ensure you’re getting the very best from your engine over the course of it's life.

Kawasaki Air Filters

Kawasaki air filters are designed with media, materials and permeability that match the flow rates, operating pressures and temperatures of your Kawasaki engine. And they fit exactly right.

Kawasaki Air Filters

Kawasaki Oil Filters

Most oil filters look the same on the outside. But inside a Kawasaki filter, a slotted alloy tube protects media integrity and oil flow. An antidrain back valve prevents cold-start wear and a pressure-activated bypass valve maintains flow in case of blockage. Silicone valves, rubber seals and a heavy canister, stand up to high temperatures and severe use. This is engine protection you can count on.

Kawasaki Fuel Filters

Our fuel filters safeguard your Kawasaki mower engine from dirt, debris, metal, and other fuel contaminants. They have been precision-designed and approved for use in demanding turf conditions, ensuring clean, even fuel flow. A low-cost way to help keep your equipment running right.

Kawasaki Fuel Filters

Kawasaki Spark Plugs

Spark plugs have specific gaps and heat ranges and play an important part of an efficient combustion process. The electrodes will deteriorate over time which will reduce the efficiency and performance of your engine so must be replaced at regular intervals.

Kawasaki Spark Plugs

How do I purchase Genuine Parts?

Genuine Parts can be purchased through any of our European-wide network of Kawasaki Engines Authorised Dealers. When you choose a Kawasaki Engines Authorised Dealer, you can be sure the parts provided will be Kawasaki Genuine Parts and tested to the same high quality standards, maintaining the original reliability and power of your engine.

Finding your nearest Kawasaki Engines Authorised Dealer is quick and easy! Simply click on the 'Find a Dealer' button, input your location, and we'll connect you with a trusted dealer in your area.

How do I purchase Genuine Parts?