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30 Sept 2015 Engines & Aftercare



Why leading OEMs Husqvarna, Etesia and Viking choose the Kawasaki FJ180V KAI

Husqvarna, Johan N Nilsson, Product Manager

'Husqvarna have chosen to fit the FJ180V KAI on the new LC 551SP walk behind mower because it delivers the best of performance, which goes in line with the rest of the machine. This means that the customer of the LC 551SP has the full performance package to be successful when mowing in any conditions.' 

'Husqvarna has a long history working with Kawasaki on Riders with good experience. This is why Husqvarna now turn towards Kawasaki when we want a premium engine for our professional walk behind mowers.' Product to be released 2016.

Etesia, Stephanie Schmitt, Marketing

'We chose the Kawasaki FJ180V KAI for its top of the range lawn mower models, ETESIA favours Kawasaki Engines, having had very good customer feedback and experiences. Thus the model FJ replaced the FC. Kawasaki have even developed a fuel tank with greater capacity for our engines.'

Viking, Daniel Kutzelnigg, Product Manager Lawn Mowers

'We have decided to install the Kawasaki FJ180V KAI engine on our professional lawn mower series MB 756 because it was a definite wish of our professional users. The users rely on the engine because of its power, sound-design and because of the good reputation of this engine.'