Our World

As part of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group, we strive to deliver the Kawasaki Group Mission.

Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet

(Enriching lifestyles and helping safeguard the environment: Global Kawasaki).

We recognise that we have a corporate responsibility to contribute to, and act upon, environmental needs and legislation, now and in the future.

We have taken the following steps as part of this responsibility:

  • During the design and development process of our engines, over 90% of the materials we employ are reusable.

  • We comply fully with EU Emission Regulations, as laid down in Directive 97/68//EC (amended by 2012/46/EU).

  • We have employed stratified scavenging technology to achieve low emissions for our TJ-E range of engines.

  • We completed the abolition of the use of lead, mercury and cadmium in 2007 and hexavalent chromium in 2008.

  • We conform to REACH regulation.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group Sustainability

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