Regional focus for Kawasaki’s new South African Distributor

30 août 2013 New Appointment
Regional focus for Kawasaki’s new South African Distributor

Kawasaki Engine & Power Products Division has strengthened its coverage in South Africa by appointing Multi Power Imports (Pty) Ltd as its official Distributor. The appointment underpins Kawasaki Engines’ commitment to supporting dealers across the region and paves the way to extend support for dealers into neighbouring countries.

Although Multi Power Imports was formed Eight years ago, its roots stretch back more than 100 years. One of its two founding families, the Jackaman’s, started trading in 1895 during the gold rush in Barberton. The company supplied industrial products for mining, agriculture and forestry.

Co-founders the Albert’s family started business in 1956, specialising in agriculture, fruit juice, tourism and manufacturing.

Now an established supplier of products for multiple sectors, including forestry, mining, landscaping and education, Multi Power Imports hopes its selection as a Kawasaki Engines Distributor will build on its success.

“We know we can count on Kawasaki Engines for quality,” says Grant Ritchie, General Manager, Multi Power Imports (Pty) Ltd. “Now we look forward to an excellent back-up service, which will allow us to improve the service and support we offer our clients.

“Ultimately, we aim to increase our dealer base, potentially by extending our support for dealers into Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

The appointment comes at just the right time for Multi Power Imports, as it seeks to win new business against the background of a downturn in government spending and devaluation of the rand.

“We are delighted to welcome Multi Power Imports to our network of Private Distributors,” says Richard Harris, Business Development Manager, Kawasaki. “We chose Multi Power Imports because of their excellent track record and strong links with dealers across South Africa. The prospect of expansion into neighbouring countries is hugely exciting for their business and for us. Together, we will work to offer unprecedented support to dealers and end customers in southern Africa.”