Parts & Service


Only the best for your engine

Kawasaki Engine parts are not just spare parts, they’re vital components of the engine and the entire machine.  

Only Kawasaki Engine Genuine Parts have been precisely engineered to work together as part of the original engine design and have been through the rigorous demands of Kawasaki performance testing.

By using our Genuine Parts you can be confident of providing Kawasaki durability for your engine and maximising the life of your machine.

Kawasaki Engine Genuine Parts

  • Fulfil exact original design specifications
  • Meet Kawasaki test requirements
  • Designed to maintain original performance standards
  • Maintain engine warranty


Service your engine with the people who know it best

To ensure your engine continues to operate at maximum performance standards, make sure your engine is serviced at one of our Authorised Dealers supported by Kawasaki training and systems.  You can find your nearest Authorised Dealer for parts and servicing here


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