Kawasaki Engines Service

Only Kawasaki Authorised Dealers are supported by our training and systems to ensure they are able to maintain optimum performance of your engine.

Our extensive Service Network across Europe, parts of the Middle East and Africa is dedicated to supporting owners of Kawasaki-powered machinery for all aftersales and maintenance needs.

Kawasaki Engines Service

What is an Engine Service?

Certain parts of your engine are only designed to work at their optimum for a certain amount of time and these need to be replaced in addition to the oil inside your engine to keep your engine performing at its best.

Oil Filters

Our oil filters ensure contaminants are removed from the oil during operation. This is achieved by using premium filter elements to provide maximum filtration without compromising the oil flow - vital to protect the internal moving parts and maximise the life of your engine.

Oil filters

Air Filters

Your engine requires air to be filtered to ensure no foreign objects enter. If foreign objects enter the air flow to the engine, the performance will be compromised and long-term damage could occur. Replacing the air filter will maintain optimum engine performance and increase the life of your engine.

Air filters

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs have specific gaps and heat ranges and play an important part of an efficient combustion process. The electrodes will deteriorate over time which will reduce the efficiency and performance of your engine so must be replaced at regular intervals.

Spark Plugs

Fuel Filters

Our heavy-duty fuel filters trap contaminants to ensure clean, even fuel flow, maintaining optimum engine performance. Contaminants build up over time and the effectiveness of the filtration deteriorates so must be replaced.

Fuel filters

Why Service Your Engine?

All engines require servicing to keep them performing at their best and to minimise the wear of its moving parts.

A regularly serviced engine will:

  • extend the life of your engine and protect your investment
  • improve fuel consumption
  • minimise repair costs
  • protect reliability
  • maintain productivity
  • reduce unexpected downtime

Your Owner's Manual will recommend when your engine should be serviced.

Why Service Your Engine?

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