Why choose a Kawasaki engine for your Walk-behind Mower?

Designed for Durability

Strength and resilience is built into every FJ engine. From the tough combined crankcase design to hard-wearing chrome plated piston rings and cast iron cylinder liners. Quality bearings ensure high engine loads can be sustained for longer. Opt for our KAI model for a tough metal shroud giving maximum protection and durability.

Designed for Durability

Exceptional Reliability

Professionals can rely on a dependable start to every job thanks to the heavy duty recoil starter on our KAI model. For long-term reliable performance, air filters are dual element and high particle capture, and engine cooling systems are protected by the rotating chopper screen that prevents grass debris build-up.

Exceptional Reliability

Performance and Productivity

Cut easily through tough grass thanks to the FJ’s heavy-duty, high inertia flywheel. Uneven ground, variable angles and slopes are tackled easily and reliably due to our high-efficiency pressurised lubrication system. A low noise fan and low tone muffler make long days more comfortable, boosting operator productivity.

Performance and Productivity

Decreased Downtime

We’ve made air filters ultra-easy to access, no tools required, allowing operators to make simple maintenance checks on the job. We also offer the option of a large capacity fuel tank for longer running between fill-ups, maximising cutting time and job profitability.

Decreased Downtime

Buying the right machine

Not all walk-behind mowers are equal and it’s essential that you choose the right machine. Make sure you think about the following before you make your decision.

Cylinder or Rotary Mower

The type of grass you cut will dictate whether a cylinder or rotary mower is appropriate and most professionals will use both depending on the lawn. Rotary mowers cope better with longer grass that's cut less frequently, for example the majority of domestic gardens, while cylinder mowers give a fine, precise, bowling or putting green finish.

Deck Size

Larger decks will allow you to cover more ground in the time, speeding up the pace of your mowing, but also consider transport, storage and manoeuvrability. Bigger machines will be heavier to lift, larger to store and can be more awkward to move and transport.


Are you likely to cut in wet conditions? A high-performance engine can ensure an effective cut by providing enough power for a high blade speed as well as enough suction to effectively deal with wet cuttings. Uneven ground and gentle slopes will also need plenty of power to deliver a smooth, even cut.


Self-propelled mowers are more expensive but worth the investment if you mow large areas or uneven ground. They allow you to simply steer, rather than push, greatly reducing the physical effort of mowing. This function is a must for most professional operators.

Grass Handling

Some mowers will simply discharge grass cuttings out the side of the mower. Some offer rear-mounted bag attachments allowing you to collect grass clippings for disposal, while others include a mulch option. Collection boxes are great for small spaces, while mulchers are more suitable for larger grounds to avoid having to empty a collection box frequently.

Authorised Dealer Support

Buying from an authorised dealer means you have access to the best technical support for the life of your walk-behind mower. Genuine parts, technical expertise and warranty advice from an approved dealer will help ensure you get the most from your investment - a long and productive life for your walk-behind mower.

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"Our customers know they get what they need when there is a Kawasaki engine installed. A Kawasaki engine is never questioned, but on the contrary accepted as the natural choice"
Daniel Mannerström, Product Portfolio Manager - Green Space Professional, Husqvarna