CO2 Engine Emission Data

Updated 10th January 2023

Dear Customer,

In regards to Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 Article 43, please inform the following CO2 values to the end-user.

"In accordance to Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 and Regulation (EU) 2017/654, we provide below the value of carbon dioxide emissions for our engine which was determined during the EU Type-Approval Process."

You shall provide this value to the end-user accompanied by the following statement:
"This CO2 measurement results from testing over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions a(n) (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) and shall not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine."

4-Stroke Engines


Model Type Approval No Test condition CO2 (g/kWh)
KAXS.179S1CA FJ180V e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRA3/P*0119*XX NRSC G2 cycle 1068
KAXS.401S2CA FJ400D e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRB3/P*0102*XX NRSC G2 cycle 668
KAXS.603S2CA FX600V FX541V FX481V
FS600V FS541V FS481V
FR600V FR541V
e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRB3/P*0113*XX NRSC G2 cycle 851
KAXS.726S2CA FX730V FX691V FX651V
FS730V FS691V FS651V
FR730V FR691V FR651V
FT730V FT691V FT651V
e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRB3/P*0112*XX NRSC G2 cycle 792
KAXS.726S2IA FT730V FT691V FT651V
FX730V FX691V FX651V
e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRB3/P*0150*XX NRSC G2 cycle 793
KAXS.764S2CA FH770D e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRB3/P*0118*XX NRSC G2 cycle 810
KAXS.852S2CA FX850V FX801V FX751V e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRB3/P*0104*XX NRSC G2 cycle 873
KAXS.852S2IA FX801V e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRB3/P*0151*XX NRSC G2 cycle 905
KAXB.852S5IA FX850V e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSVA3/P*0152*XX NRSC G2 cycle 881
KAXB.999S5CA FXT00V FX921V e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSVA3/P*0154*XX NRSC G2 cycle 809
KAXB.999S5IA FXT00V e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSVA3/P*0153*XX NRSC G2 cycle 755
KAXS.675S2CA FH721D FH680D FH601D e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSRB3/P*0439*XX NRSC G2 cycle 851
KAXB.824S5IA FD851D e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSVA3/P*0550*xx NRSC G2 cycle 722
KAXB.822S5IA FX820A FX781A  e13*2016/1628*2021/1068SVA3/P*0606*xx NRSC G2 cycle 682


2-Stroke Engines


Model Type Approval No Test condition CO2 (g/kWh)
KAXS.023H4DA TJ023V e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSHA3/P*0028*XX NRSC G3 cycle 1480
KAXS.023H4DB TJ023E e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSHA2/P*0049*XX NRSC G3 cycle 1259
KAXS.026H4DA TJ027E e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSHA3/P*0048*XX NRSC G3 cycle 1051
KAXS.034H4DA TJ035E e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSHA3/P*0082*XX NRSC G3 cycle 1193
KAXS.045H4DA TJ045E e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSHA3/P*0083*XX NRSC G3 cycle 992
KAXS.053H5CA TJ053E e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSHB3/P*0084*XX NRSC G3 cycle 832
KAXS.053H5CB TK053D e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSHB3/P*0047*XX NRSC G3 cycle 756
KAXS.065H5CA TK065D e13*2016/1628*xxxx/xxxxSHB3/P*0046*XX NRSC G3 cycle 715


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