About Mikawa

Mikawa garden equipment is manufactured by Mapas, a company dedicated to supplying agricultural, garden and forestry machinery throughout Turkey. They are committed to offering products that excel in terms of design, safety, functionality and durability.

About Mikawa

Mikawa products Powered by Kawasaki

Intelligently designed, reliable, robust equipment for a wide range of ground and garden care needs.
"I've tried many brands before. Mikawa products brought me great convenience. I achieved high performance especially with the kawasaki engine. I work long hours in the field. it does not tire me or malfunction. Most people in my area have started using mikawa. They are all quite satisfied. I would recommend it to everyone. Absolutely perfect product."
Mehmet AYDIN - Farmer

2-stroke Engines

Mikawa select from our durable, easy-to-use TJ engine range. Discover how our engineering helps you to work more comfortably and more profitably.

Exceptional durability

No detail is overlooked to ensure our engines can last a lifetime. Chrome-plated cylinders provide exceptional resistance to wear. High quality bearings and seals maximise engine life. We’ve designed a robust casing for the fuel tank and offer an extra Heavy Duty clutch option for the most demanding levels of use.

Easy Starting

Easy starts come as standard thanks to our Kawasaki Advanced Recoil starter and in-built systems for user-friendly priming, electronic ignition and choke/enrichment. Our highest specification model also comes with the option of an even easier Light Pull Recoil making the most challenging jobs simple to start.

Comfortable operation

A lightweight design and class-leading power-to-weight ratio help make light work of tough tasks. Vibrations are minimised by the custom-designed machining of our crankcases and crankshafts, and through dynamic balancing applied to the flywheel of our TJ53E. Our low tone mufflers allow professional operators to work more comfortably for longer.

Efficiency and productivity

We design engines that maximise efficiency, improve productivity and boost the profit potential of each working day. Our stratified scavenging system improves fuel efficiency, pulling fresh air through the engine on every cycle. We use double piston rings for the best possible combustion efficiency, and a high capacity fuel tank means fewer fill-up stops for professionals.