Kawasaki Engines Christmas Quiz

6 dic 2023 Kawasaki Community
Kawasaki Engines Christmas Quiz

We’re wishing you a very merry Kawasaki Christmas! If you’ve got a moment to stop dashing through the snow, take the time to rest your feet and test your skills.

Have you got what it takes to beat the Kawasaki Engines Christmas quiz?

1-3 – Ho ho no! Better brush up on your skills for next year!

4-6 – Getting warmer! You’ve got the holiday spirit but might need to refuel on some topics.

7-8 – Mowing in a winter wonderland! You absolutely cruised through our quiz, well done!

9 – You’re the ultimate Kawasaki quiz legend. Not even Santa knows more than you!

How did you do? Whether you’re happy or humbug, share your score on our social channels and let us know how you did!

Still making a list? Gift yourself the best present this Christmas, and explore the Powered by Kawasaki collection. You can thank Santa later.

From the entire team at Kawasaki Engines, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Here’s to another incredible year of landscaping, lawn care and living life outdoors!