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4 abr. 2016 Engines & Aftercare


Why choose the Kawasaki TJ27E Engine?

Blue Bird Industries, Roberto Tribbia, Export Department

'We chose the TJ027E engine for our products due to its power, lightweight and reliability. We think it’s a great engine for home owner use which is very much appreciated by our customers. Moreover, the Kawasaki brand is always a very good reference from the end users’ point of view.

We think the TJ027E engine is particularly suitable in the multi tool machine, where the user does not need a very powerful engine, but is very much attentive to the weight and balance of the machine, as well as to the reliability of all the components.'

ROM Avivim Agencies Ltd, Oz Melamed, Director

'We chose the TJ27E because it is considered one of the most powerful 2 stroke 27cc engines in the world. Today, we have many machines equipped with the TJ27E engines, such as brush cutters, hedge trimmers, multi tool and pressure sprayers.

Thanks to the innovative technology and design that this engine offers, our machines are considered to have high performance and excellent visibility.'

Francepower, Elodie Labalette–Lambin, Marketing Department

'Kawasaki Engines are renowned in the market for their petrol 2 stroke engines and have the reputation among professional dealers as well as end users for professional garden products. Kawasaki 2-stroke engines are an excellent choice as they comply in terms of pollution standards as this is very demanding nowadays.

The Kawasaki brand is famed for its quality and reputation in many areas all around the world which allows us to promote our products without having to justify our choice of engines that we use to drive our machines.'