The most iconic green spaces in Europe

2 Apr Landscaping & Turfcare
The most iconic green spaces in Europe

Green spaces are integral to society, responsible for improving the wellbeing of people, increasing biodiversity, and providing valuable habitats for wildlife.

Even the smallest park is often a treasured part of a community, beloved by young and old alike. But some green spaces have a broader appeal than just to locals, and are a draw to visitors the world over.

Europe is home to many iconic gardens and green spaces, and landscapers are responsible for maintaining all of them. We explore some of Europe’s most iconic green spaces to see the result of their efforts – some of them may even inspire your own work!

Iconic green spaces across Europe

Europe is home to more than its fair share of iconic green spaces.

Tourists head to the beautiful parks and gardens across the continent in their masses, while locals enjoy them every day. Without the work of landscape professionals to maintain them, this wouldn’t be possible.

These are just a handful of the iconic green spaces in Europe enjoyed by millions each year.


Few countries value their green spaces to the extent Germany does. Research shows that 93 percent of German households have access to green space within 500m of their location.

The country is known for having some of the most beautiful parks in the world. Germany has 16 in total, including the legendary Black Forest, which inspired Brothers Grimm fairytales such as Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel and Snow White, as well as world-famous beer gardens that insert green spaces into the heart of its busiest cities.

English Garden, Munich

Perhaps the most famous green space that visitors to Germany can enjoy is Munich’s English Garden. Spanning almost four square kilometres, the garden is one of the world's largest urban parks.

Located in the heart of the city, the garden captivates visitors with groomed lawns, serene meadows, meandering paths, and tranquil waterways. Iconic features include the serene Kleinhesseloher Lake, rustic wooden bridges, and the Greek-inspired Monopteros temple.

The English Garden is beautifully maintained by professional landscapers and a treasured part of Munich’s community.

Luftgarden, Berlin

Berlin’s ability to adapt unusual landscapes into accessible green space is world-leading. Take Berlin’s Luftgarten, or ‘air garden’ – this space was once an airfield, where aviation pioneers Wright and Latham famously awed the world with their successful flight demonstrations.

In the modern day, the space has been transformed for visitors to enjoy as one of the largest beer gardens in Berlin.

United Kingdom

The UK, particularly London, is home to several iconic parks. Hyde Park, Regents Park, and Greenwich Park in the capital are notable examples. But to see landscaping at its finest, the UK’s royal parks are the places to visit.

Kensington Gardens, London

Kensington Gardens earns its reputation as a jewel in London's crown, showcasing an enchanting landscape that seamlessly blends history and natural beauty. The iconic Italian Gardens feature manicured lawns, lush greenery and tree-lined avenues, all immaculately maintained.

With the historic Kensington Palace acting as a beautiful backdrop, this is a green space that people from all over the world flock to and enjoy.

Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital is home to another royal park in Holyrood. Famous for its rugged craggs and sweeping hills, the park is popular with visitors to Edinburgh, who routinely make the climb up to Arthur’s Seat for beautiful views over the city’s skyline.

Holyrood Park sits in the heart of Edinburgh and is visited by millions every year – the work of landscape professionals is essential to keeping it open year-round.


There’s no shortage of iconic green spaces in France. Paris is home to both the Luxembourg Gardens and Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, and has invested even more into its green infrastructure in the lead up to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

But it’s further south in the Loire Valley where you’ll find some of France’s most spectacular green views.

The ladies’ gardens at Chateau de Chenoncea

Within this chateau, owned by two competing women – the mistress and queen of King Henry II, respectively – two distinct gardens unfold. Favoured mistress Diane de Poitiers' garden commands attention with eight expansive triangles of pristine lawns, and elevated terraces adorned with yew, charcoal, boxwood, and laurel, alongside meticulously arranged geometric flowerbeds.

Nestled adjacent to the chateau's west facade and the renowned gallery spanning the river Cher is Catherine de Medici's garden, which, in contrast, feels intimate, featuring roses, ivy, lavender, and fountains.

These contrasting botanical havens encapsulate the unique styles and rivalries of their respective mistresses, creating a captivating narrative within the chateau's grounds. A truly impressive landscaping feat!


In total, Spain has 16 national parks across its mainland and surrounding islands: 11 in the Iberian Peninsula, four in the Canary Islands and one in the Balearic Islands.

Each holds significant natural value. The parks are vital for their contribution to environmental health and biodiversity and are placed under environmental protection by the government to preserve their flora and fauna in the face of climate change.

But it's in cities that Spain shows off its more elaborate green spaces.

Parque de María Luisa, Seville

It may not be as large as other destinations on this list, but Seville’s Parque de Maria Luisa perfectly highlights the impact green spaces can have in urban areas.

The most famous park in the city, Parque de Maria Luisa opened to the public in 1914 and has since been labelled as one of the fundamental lungs of the city, and its primary urban park.

Designed by French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, and part of the larger Plaza de España complex, it offers lush greenery with hundreds of exotic trees lining shady avenues, fountains, and beautiful monuments.

The park provides an invaluable resting spot in nature, helping to improve the wellbeing of both guests and the city’s locals.


Italy is famous for its gardens, perfecting a manicured style that is replicated across the globe.

Giardini di Boboli, Florence

Florence’s Renaissance style extends beyond the architecture – it can just as easily be found in the gardens.

The Boboli Gardens, which sit behind the Pitti Palace, were originally designed for the Medici family, and are an exceptional example of the geometric Italian Renaissance style. With immaculate levels of maintenance integral to the style, landscape professionals in Florence have their work cut out for them!

Share your own iconic green spaces

These gardens and green spaces are rightfully renowned, and are visited by countless people every year. The work of landscapers is enjoyed by millions – and while the most iconic green spaces in Europe are lovely to visit and appreciate, the local parks and smaller community spaces are just as important to society.

Share the green spaces you maintain – or your favourite green spaces in Europe – on our social pages, so we can shine more light on the importance of landscaping work.

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