Single Cylinder Engines

Purpose-engineered for professional standard walk-behind mowers, our FJ Series engines provide long term durability you can trust.

Quality engineering for outstanding reliability

Quality engineering for outstanding reliability
Single Cylinder Engines
90% of professional customers are satisfied with our reliability for their walk-behind mower*. Discover how we make engines you can trust.
*End-user Survey conducted amongst European lawncare professionals by an independent Market Research company on behalf of Kawasaki Engines European Division in 2017.

What makes a Kawasaki Single Cylinder?

Designed for Durability

Strength and resilience is built into every FJ engine. From the tough combined crankcase design to hard-wearing chrome plated piston rings and cast iron cylinder liners. Quality bearings ensure high engine loads can be sustained for longer. Opt for our KAI model for a tough metal shroud giving maximum protection and durability.

Exceptional Reliability

Professionals can rely on a dependable start to every job thanks to the heavy duty recoil starter on our KAI model. For long-term reliable performance, air filters are dual element and high particle capture, and engine cooling systems are protected by the rotating chopper screen that prevents grass debris build-up.

Performance and Productivity

Cut easily through tough grass thanks to the FJ’s heavy-duty, high inertia flywheel. Uneven ground, variable angles and slopes are tackled easily and reliably due to our high-efficiency pressurised lubrication system. A low noise fan and low tone muffler make long days more comfortable, boosting operator productivity.

Decreased Downtime

We’ve made air filters ultra-easy to access, no tools required, allowing operators to make simple maintenance checks on the job. We also offer the option of a large capacity fuel tank for longer running between fill-ups, maximising cutting time and job profitability.

Single Cylinder Engine Products