Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engines

For instant power, quicker mowing and cleaner cuts, our EFI engines are the key to improving commercial turfcare productivity.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engines

What makes a Kawasaki EFI?

Integrated electronic throttle control

Instant throttle response gives turf professionals full available power, the second it’s needed. Speed is maintained over heavy turf, tall grass and up steep hills. Blade speed holds steady giving a cleaner cut on the first pass. Get more work done - in less time - with better results.

Open loop design

Our EFIs operate at strict, pre-determined standards for optimum commercial use performance. This design requires fewer sensors and parts which means simpler maintenance and easier upgrades.

Advanced electronic control unit (ECU)

Continuously monitors ambient conditions and engine performance to deliver optimum power and efficiency at all times. Be confident of effective engine operation no matter how tough the conditions.

Multiport sequential fuel injection

High-precision fuel delivery is managed according to engine conditions and ECU feedback. Power per stroke and fuel economy is maximised, delivering optimum power and fuel efficiency.

SAE-J1939 CAN communication protocol

Seamlessly and efficiently integrates real-time engine performance with the mower’s controls, sensors and displays, allowing advanced operating features for the end user.

Simple, intuitive dealer diagnostics

Downtime is minimised thanks to the PC or tablet plug-in diagnostic system. Delivers fast, easy troubleshooting and precise servicing, getting you back to work quicker.

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