About ATCO

ATCO have been manufacturing fine quality mowers for the lawns of Great Britain since 1921. With over 100 years of lawnmowing expertise, ATCO has earned an enviable reputation for outstanding quality and performance.

About ATCO

ATCO mowers Powered by Kawasaki

ATCO supply some of the best ride on lawn mowers in the UK. Easy to use, they make mowing your lawn, a quick, stress-free process giving you a high quality finish.
"Our customers can rely on Kawasaki engines to deliver the power and long-term reliability they expect from an Atco quality mower."
Gary Whitney – Managing Director – Atco (Stiga Ltd)

V-Twin Engines

Atco choose from our intelligently engineered V-Twin engine range. Find out what this means for the power in your machine.

Incredible durability

Long-lasting strength is at the core of our V-Twins. Crankcases and cylinder heads are high-pressure die cast, using automotive-grade aluminium. Crankshafts and cylinder liners are forge-quality cast iron. Industrial-strength seals and gaskets are used to withstand the demands of extended professional use.

Outstanding reliability

We engineer solutions for reliable power in your machine year after year. Our rotating chopper screen prevents grass debris build-up, protecting engine cooling systems. Our high performance lubrication system constantly keeps oil pressure at its optimum for a longer engine life. Automatic compression release means reliable starts whatever the conditions.

Power and performance

Spherical combustion chambers and overhead valves deliver maximum efficiency and power, while superior air filtration systems ensure optimum performance in use. Every single V-Twin engine is test-run before it leaves our production line so you can be sure of Kawasaki’s world-famous performance in your machine.