Winter pre-storage preparation for your Kawasaki powered equipment

The majority of today’s gasoline fuels contain a percentage of ethanol and have a short shelf life but since E10 unleaded petrol has been introduced, it is of more importance the 'stale' fuel does not remain anywhere in the fuel system and carburettor. This means an engine standing for a prolonged period without being used, risks damage occurring to the fuel system and could fail to start or run correctly when next used.

By following the basic procedure below, you can eliminate the possibility of a fuel related failure, and be confident your Kawasaki powered equipment is ready to work when you are:

  • Thoroughly clean the engine, ensuring the cooling system is clear of any debris
  • Inspect for any damage, repair as required
  • Drain all fuel from the fuel tank, run the engine at idle until all of the fuel in the carburettor is used
  • 2-stroke, remove spark plug and pour 0.5mL of clean 2 stroke oil into the cylinder, pull the recoil several times slowly
  • 4-stroke, remove spark plug and pour 1-2mL of clean engine oil into the cylinder/s, turn the engine over several times
  • Reinstall spark plug/s
  • Pull the recoil until resistance is felt (recoil engines only).

Once you have completed the storage procedure, ensure the equipment is stored in a clean dry place.

Always consult the 'Owners Manual' for your Kawasaki engine for full details of the storage procedure.