Staying one step ahead is the secret to success for most businesses, and those in the landscaping industry are no exception. You have to forward plan when it comes to equipment, weather forecasts and landscaping techniques, but you may not have recognised that your marketing efforts need equal consideration.

Keeping customers happy is one thing. Getting new ones through the door is a different skill entirely, but one that's essential if your business is going to continue to grow in an ever-evolving business environment.

We're here to show you key marketing trends currently shaping the landscaping industry in 2024 and provide insights into how businesses can leverage these trends to drive growth and success.

Marketing tips for landscaping businesses in 2024

In 2024, marketing practices are evolving rapidly, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses in this sector. So, whether you're new to the industry or are an old hand at running your own business, you need to adapt and embrace emerging marketing trends.

Here are a handful of useful marketing tips to keep your business at the front of customers’ minds.

Optimise your Google business account

Google browser on a tablet

If you want your business to show up in local Google search results, then opening up a Google business profile is key. Better yet, it's free.

But in a busy business landscape, simply having your profile out there isn't always enough. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make sure your profile is getting in front of the right people.

Complete your profile

The easiest way to optimise your Google business account is to actually fill it out completely. According to Google, people are 70 percent more likely to visit a business with a complete profile over one that isn't.

It may sound straightforward, but you'd be surprised at the number of businesses that leave out key information that prevents clients from finding them.

Here's what you need to include:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Contact number and email address
  • Business hours of operation
  • Description of your business
  • What products and services do you offer

Add real images of your business

Taking a picture with a smartphone

Photos are the easiest way to catch a potential client's attention, especially in a visual industry such as landscaping.

Not only that, Google prefers active profiles, so by regularly uploading photos you're not only keeping new clients up to date, but you can prove that you're actively using the tool to engage audiences – meaning better search rankings.

You don't have to post daily, but if you're already posting photos to social media or your website, remember to add them to your Google profile too.

Not great at photography? Learn how to take great videos and photos of your work so that you can share the best your business has to offer.

Get customers to leave a review

Reviews are often the backbone of a small business, providing the social proof potential new clients need to take the next step towards booking your services.

But in 2024, it's not just potential clients you're building trust with by receiving reviews. It's Google.

While the search engine itself may not be in the market for someone to manage its lawns, 64 percent of consumers use Google to find contact details for local businesses and 94 percent of calls to local businesses come from Google on weekdays.

Having a steady stream of reviews signals to Google that your business is authentic and trustworthy, and as a result, the search engine will rank you better because of it.

Don't be shy about asking clients to leave a review of your work, even if it's just to leave a star rating. If you're serious about your Google ranking and getting great feedback, you may also consider offering an incentive on their next service.

Use keywords in your profile

If you want to take your Google business profile to the next level, then adding relevant keywords to your profile can increase your chances of being found.

Keywords are terms that people regularly search for on Google – you want to make sure you have a few local keywords, such as ‘landscaping business Oxford’, for example, so that Google knows you are relevant to their query.

Use Google Trends to check out if any apply to your business, or open your free Google Analytics report to see what keywords people are already using to find you. Once you know what your keywords are, weave them into your profile description so that you're easier to find.

Network and partner with local businesses

two people shaking hands

A huge part of your marketing strategy as a small business delivering a service to the local area will be word-of-mouth referrals. Getting past clients to tell their friends, family and work colleagues about your service will make for great business, but it doesn't have to stop there.

Networking and partnering with local businesses can be a powerful strategy for expanding your landscaping business's reach and attracting new customers. By building relationships with businesses that complement your services, such as garden centres, shed and fencing installation companies, home builders, hard landscaping businesses and contractors, and even estate agents, you can create mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration and promotion.

This could involve recommending each other's businesses to your existing clients in person or on your website, or even creating joint promotions where suitable.

Implement referral programs

While we're on the subject of word-of-mouth marketing, creating a referral program is a great way to not only drum up more business but to show your appreciation for your existing clients.

Encourage satisfied clients to refer their friends, family, and neighbours to your landscaping business by offering incentives for referrals. Word-of-mouth referrals are incredibly powerful and can help you generate new leads and grow your customer base organically.

Use social media marketing to promote your business


In 2024, social media marketing is a great way for businesses to reach new and potential clients. In fact, according to Forbes, 77 percent of small businesses use social media to connect with their customers.

Using social media you can show off your most successful projects and post customer testimonials, as well as keep your followers updated on any services or promotions you're currently offering.

You don't need a team of social media marketers to help you, in most cases all you need is a smartphone and some basic knowledge of consumer behaviours and the latest marketing trends. Following the advice of this article and keeping an eye on the posts of landscaper influencers will help with the latter, while your own experience with social media and running a business should help with the former. Building relationships with people who interact with your posts, posting regularly and showing off your work with plenty of photos and videos will all appeal to potential customers.

Which social media platforms should I use?

If you only were to choose one platform, you should invest time into maintaining an active Facebook page. Why? Because it's the most used social media platform in the world with 2.9 billion monthly active users across the world.

Beyond that, it's a platform that appeals to the widest demographic of any social media platform, with 30 percent of its audience aged between 25-35 and a further 20 percent between 35-44.

That means you can easily speak to potential clients, and have existing ones comment on your photos, maintaining relationships. When the time comes to book a professional landscaper, you will already be familiar to a new client through your social page, giving you an advantage over other businesses without one. You can also receive reviews directly on the platform, so everything a client needs is in one place.

Local Facebook groups also provide some great opportunities for free advertising, so make sure to join community groups in your area. Local marketing can be just as effective online as it is off – keep an eye out for apps like Nextdoor where communities share tips and business recommendations, and get involved!

As a visual service, a platform like Instagram is also a great place to post photos of your work. Or if you want to go a step further and post videos, TikTok could be a great option to reach an even wider (though young) audience.

Post videos of your business

Taking photos of your work is one thing, committing to taking videos is another. It's an extra step of effort that can be difficult, especially during busier landscaping seasons.

If you're wondering whether the extra effort is worth it, according to global marketers, the answer is a resounding yes.

Short-form video content continues to rule the marketing space, with small businesses able to post content across TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts.

If content creation isn't your strong suit and you're struggling for ideas, take a look at our guide on social media and post ideas for your landscaping business.

Remember you don't have to post every day, and the videos you do make can be posted across multiple platforms. Once you get into a rhythm, soon enough you'll realise creating content can be easy.

Share your expertise

When people book your services, they want to know they’re investing in someone capable of delivering. There's no better way of proving your services are the best choice than to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

While social media is a great way of doing this – posting videos giving away some top tips and tricks, or sharing the details of difficult projects you've worked on – it's not the only way.

There is no shortage of industry shows that you can attend. Get in contact with organisers and offer to give a talk or tool demonstration. This can be particularly effective if you work with top-end equipment such as powerful commercial tools that are powered by a Kawasaki engine, that grounds and turf care enthusiasts might be interested in witnessing live.

If you’re confident talking about your work, you could appear on a podcast. Do some research into podcasts that are relevant to landscaping – those who are trying to grow their following are often on the hunt to interview professionals within the field for content, whether that's to share professional advice or recount interesting stories. Either way, it will get your name and your business' name out there.

Try influencer marketing

Working with an influencer may seem like a big step. Still, it’s worth considering if you're not confident in your ability to create content, as it can be a useful way to get your business onto social media without doing the work yourself.

For small landscaping businesses, try researching what local nano-influencers (1,000-10,000 followers), or micro-influencers (10,000-100,000 followers) are in your area. Especially if it's an influencer who runs a lifestyle or home improvement account, your services may appeal to their target audience.

Reach out via their social platform or email, and perhaps offer to do a landscape audit for them advising on what they should do for essential upkeep. Or if you’re feeling really generous, offer to landscape their garden for them. With either approach, if you do a good job, they'll likely spread the word about your services and tag you in a video or post.

Use AI to streamline communications

AI tools continue to develop rapidly in 2024 – it’s time for landscapers to start paying attention. AI is a tool with a variety of applications; it’s an emerging trend that plenty of small businesses and marketing teams are leveraging to make their lives easier.

Unlike other businesses, landscaping is mostly physical work, something not even the smartest computer programs can replicate. But one thing generative AI tools may be able to help with is streamlining communications.

Artificial intelligence can help draft and respond to emails or messages, making communication with clients, suppliers, and team members quicker and easier – again something to keep in mind during those busier summer months.

Using a logo effectively

Having a recognisable logo that is representative of your business is essential, and a well-placed logo puts your business in front of more potential clients than you may realise.

Make sure your logo appears on:

  • The side of your vehicle.
  • As your social media profile picture across all platforms.
  • On any flyers or business cards you have.
  • On your clothing – shirt, hat, jacket.

Potential clients might not need a landscaper when they first see your logo, but when they do, you'll be front of mind. People are much more likely to trust and book a landscaping service that has a visible local presence than a landscaper they find online whose logo they have never seen before.

Plan your marketing strategy now

It's never too early to put a marketing strategy into place or update the one you're currently using. Even if your business is currently booming, having some ideas in your back pocket can help to maintain that success.

For more advice on how to market your landscaping business month-by-month, read small business marketing for landscapers: your 1 year marketing plan.

Getting your business out there on social media? Make sure to share your efforts with us on our social pages – we may share some of the results of your Powered by Kawasaki work in return!